My Latest Book Loves

So if you’re reading this than you have obviously somehow found this little blog. I really have no clue how you did, I sometimes can’t even find it.  Alright so, recently I have read a few novels particularly faster than usual mostly because of all the spare time I have. Oops, I guess I haven’t told you at all about my life, I’ll do a quick overview. I’m 16, a sophomore, and I’m currently in between high schools. So in other words I’m *rooms goes dark *flashlight sparks to life right over my face *deep low whisper “Home schooled”

Ya um, it’s definitely not my cup of tea, like I wouldn’t even consider it tea, I would consider it like diet Mt. Dew. *shivers, Yuck. I have been home schooled for about 4 months now and that is too long. The only good thing about the whole situation is I can finally can catch up on my reading and movie watching. Which I have done lots of. So back to my original statement. I have a list of books that i have read these past few months and I just thought I would share my favorites and see if any of you have any opinions or feelings on them.

My first book I have recently read was Looking for Alaska by John Green. Very popular right now and actually it is currently being made into a movie. So of course John Green being the author we all basically know that it has to be slightly amazing, which it was, in my opinion. For those of you haven’t read it, it is not in fact about the state Alaska, which i completely take credit for thinking that. It is fact a story about a boy who goes to a boarding school and ends up meeting a girl “Alaska” and ends up becoming extremely close with her and the rest of her gang. So till about half way through the book it is just about this boy taking part in the new shenanigans of his new crowd, then a extreme plot twist occurs half way through, and maybe your smart enough to figure out what that plot twist is without reading the book because the title says it all once you understand that Alaska is in fact a person not a state. So anyways, sorry I’m babbling, this book was very good in the way things are portrayed and relationships are built and then torn down. This is definitely on my favorites list. Please comment if you have any other opinions on Looking for Alaska.

Alright my second favorite is Forgive me, Leonard Peacock by Mathew Quick. This book most definitely pushes boundaries, and I would suggest caution if your going to read it. It’s an extremely dark plot, but I think that’s what I love the most actually. It basically follows this boy around on his birthday that has chosen to end his life and anothers because he is so unhappy with his life, which once you hear his story is not so hard to understand. So anyways there is a lot that happens and because of everything that happens he comes out stronger in the end and the book just really takes this real life situation and makes a really great ending. My favorite quote is actually from this book and it goes,

“Weed your mind and man the great light, even when no one is looking”

I gives this a double thumbs up, definitely my favorite book .

Another book that I really enjoyed was Eleanor and Park  by Rainbow Rowell, which is a lovely story about two misfits that somehow fall head over heels for one another and are forced to overcome obstacles from both of their lives. I love this book because most love stories now a days are about the awkward nerdy girl somehow getting the hottest most amazing guy in school, and don’;t get me wrong you can never go wrong with a Cinderella story, but this book just creates that scenario  of  love that happens between the invisible’s.

So those are just three books that I really fell in love with, share your favorite books, I need some new material, and hey if any one wants to chat books or anything for that matter, email me at

-Your Average Floater


















How Do You Do

Hello everyone out there currently spending your free time enthralling yourself in this not so successful or even known blog, your time and presence is appreciated. Now as much as I would love to admit my name and date of birth to all of you unknown readers, I have chosen to make this one sided conversation anonymous,  because I would like to be honest and share all of my fantastic  (quite the opposite actually) adventures with you lovely people and use this sort of like a technological journal, if you wouldn’t mind.  I do hope you understand my choice to remain unknown. If anyone does wish to call me something I guess you can call me Floater, seems to fit nicely. Since this is my first ever post, I feel since you all won’t know my name you can at least have a little knowledge on who I am as a person, so here are very random facts about me.

1. I own a succulent, his name is Ned

2. The Narwhals are by far my favorite band

3. My left knee knows when a storm is coming

4. My parents almost named me Elle

5. Quill drawings are my forte’

6. My nails are always painted, but the paint is always half chipped

7. I see a glass as half full

8. I have at least two cups of tea a day

9. I believe in the rainbow

10. No food will ever be able to beat Kraft Mac’n Cheese

So there ya go. I definitely don’t win the most interesting person award, but hey the world needs average people, just like Sushi needs Nori (for those who aren’t aware, Nori is the black seaweed that holds the sushi together).Who knows, maybe we all need a little more Nori in our lives…… this reference definitely doesn’t make sense.

-Your Average Floater